I got into what should have been a very small programming adjustment to a fairly large site to just expose an Excel sheet.  Very common type of stuff.  Agent got me FTP access and sample file.  Grabbed what appeared to be the creatives on other pages and put the page together.  Tested on my server no problem.

Push code onto the FTP given and I can’t find the file I just uploaded by hitting the web site?

Upon further checking found that none of the directories or filenames that I see from FTP correspond to any of the url directories or file names from hitting the website with a browser.  As part of FTP exploration find cold fusion references, some archaic authentication server reference, lots of jumbled up code going back to the mid 1990’s.

I have the agent ask if there is some other FTP access to the site (mentioning what I found above).  His comment “We’re paying you, figure it out!”

How do you qualify clients?