Started working in an unclassified area of a government contractor.  We are developing a web app using Java/JSF on Spring against an Oracle database.  Pretty standard stuff.

The wierd part is the process must still work in a waterfall enviroment.  Here we have a classic Agile development environment and the constraints of the company dictate against anything non-waterfall.  Even a continuous build is a no-no.  Heaven forbid any test driven devolopment ideas find their way into the system.

The rigidity is painful to the development manager.  As the new guy, I looked over the progress to date (use cases, high level design, etc…) and pointed out a few skips.  The skips can not be mentioned or written down anywhere.  If they are recorded then the dev mgr is called to the mat as to why the process failed to catch the errors.

Looks to be an interesting experience.