We have an architect on the project.  The architect makes no decisions, judgement calls, directives, etc…  Everything is up for grabs by developers from the basic class syntax all the way up to authentication.

Again, this is a longer term employee that appears to be following the company path.  Maybe there is enough history that people who have done so get hammered for making decisions that turned out to be ‘bad’.

Well, our fundamental client is the DOD.  I would assume such a bureaucracy is risk averse.  I would further guess that changes downstream on a project are treated very badly.  Lots of huffing and puffing.

Now, you have some lower level line manager that should be making calls.  They should be doing so.  But I guess everyone around them is saying don’t do that. Don’t make a decision.  Investigate further.  Take your time.

How can an industry like this encourage risk taking?