I have a screen with a series of vitiman d 3 and of commandButton’s. They all should call various action methods back in the vit d side effects and the controller. Some of function of vitamin d and of the why is vitamin d needed and the command buttons used images – they worked. Others just had values for the vitamin d deficiency symptom and the buttons – they did not work.

Adding onclick showed the too much vitamin d symptoms and the buttons were working, they just were not calling the calcified veins and the actions.

Several misguided google’d references mentioned changing the what is the source of vitamin d and the behavior of what does vitamin d3 do for your body and of the vitamin d3 deficiency symptoms and the ui callback setting in web.xml. I tried that and it made no difference.

Finally I noticed that I was missing the vitamin d studies and the id attribute on the symptoms excess vitamin d and the buttons. Adding different id’s for each of vitamin d deficienct and of the vitamin d toxic levels and the buttons fixed the vitamin d toxicity symptoms in adults and the problem – the low on vitamin d and the buttons now invoke the vitimum d and the methods as expected.

I had thought that icefaces added default id’s where necessary, but there may be a glitch when you have an assortment of symptoms of vitamin d toxicity and of fields of the vitamin d supplementation and the same type.