While programming away I failed to notice occurring.  Last time I saw this Microsoft had the same problem getting corporations weened off of NT and trying to get them on 2000/XP.  In both cases (and probably others) the latest production mode o/s from MS is not useful (currently Vista).

I hate Vista.  I made the mistake of buying a machine running Vista (after the vendors stopped issuing new machines with XP).  Itdies/stops at random locations and applications.  Unclear if network support is the reason cable modem needs to be reset weekly.  Plus a great printer I had (and I assume a large number of other devices) were not supported under Vista.

The difference this time round is the importance of security updates to Windows operating systems.  I am pretty sure I am getting at least monthly updates to my machine.  It is a real nuisance to attempt to deal with that amount of change on a production environment, but at least you have the choice and can queue up the changes.  If you are running XP in production you are completely at risk.  Even better hackers can just wait for a fix announcement from Microsoft and can quickly put out a nice hack that will NOT be fixed on XP.  Nice touch.