A shows a Computer Engineering/Science being in the top 10 for starting and mid-career salary.  So, that’s good news – might still have a job for several more years.  The starting looks like $50,000+ and mid-career of about $100,000.  Still sounds good.

I know I am old, but when I went to college it was $3,000 a year and the starting salary was in the teens.  So, without any financial aid you were in the clear immediately.  I am not so sure it is still so obvious.

I start wondering about the cost of a bachelor’s degree these days and the .  So, just focusing on the degree costs I am using a ballpark figure of $50,000 per your (tuition, board, books, travel, etc…) for 4 years.  Assume your parents saved something and can cut the number by half.  At the end of 4 years you would have a $100,000 loan.  Using a that comes to about $1,150 per month.

So, if we round up to $60,000 per year that means $5,000 per month gross.  Less about 1/3 for federal and state taxes leaves you at $3,300 per month.  Sounds good we have a little over $2,000 a month free.

That’s not enough to buy a condo or house in a city (especially where you would not have a down payment), so you are renting.  A good apartment runs about $1,000 a month.  Utilities, internet, etc.. probably tack on another $500 a month.  Now we are down to $500 free.

Oh, you want a car.  Nice toyota runs $300 a month.  Down to $200 month free.

You want to eat?

I think I was a little generous above, but not too far out of the picture.  Heaven forbid your parents don’t have $100,000 saved for you or you decide to get a Master’s degree or you have a girl friend or …