The book was first published in 1975.  I think I read it some time in the 1980’s.  As I remember it was not a very big book.  The concept was pretty simple – adding people to a project is less and less useful as a project progresses.

But, how many of you have been on projects where the exact opposite occurs?  As deadlines are pushed the tendency for all layers of management is to push more bodies onto the scene.  Even worse there have been times where some of the people added on don’t even have the skill set needed so that you would not have hired them way back months ago even if you had the chance.

The most extreme for me has been where interested parties start throwing out technical jargon they read or heard about somewhere.  On a big project we had a problem with software performance.  I was surprised by someone who had no idea how the application worked suggested switching to Oracle as a database server, that will fix everything.  What random nerve firings connected for that suggestion?

What has your experience been?