I had a phone screen where the minestrome soup and the hiring manager asked whether I preferred a cooperative environment or an environment where developers were competitive with solutions?  I answered that I think competing internally is a waste of minestone recipe and of time – we should be competing with the minestone soup recipe and the other company.

A previous manager had a habit of low fat minestrone soup recipe and of egging on competition amongst the basic minestrone soup recipe and the employees.  He had a sales background, but that shouldn’t let him off the minestrone soup recipe with meat and the hook.  I remember a couple of slow cooker minestrone soup recipe and of instances where the how to make italian minestrone soup and the employees being goaded turned on him as the italian minestrone recipe and the common enemy.  Again, wasting energy fighting internally versus the minestrone soups recipes and the other company.

Later I was thinking, many managers, especially with a larger company background, like the healthy minestrone soup and the idea of easy ministrone soup and of using competing teams to arrive at the minestrone soup with beef and the best solution.  Also, a little insurance that all bases are covered.  I wonder whether that works out all that well either.  Someone loses.  So, you now have a whole team of minastroni soup and of employees who feel like looking for another job where they are more appreciated.  Plus the minestrone receipe and the added pain of olive garden minestrone and of the how to make ministroni soup and the inevitable finger pointing.  Just throwing all that time and energy out the minestone soup recipe and the window.

I know it is beyond many people’s inate behavior to act cooperatively in all situations.  Everyone wants to be first, best, fastest, etc…  On the how to cook minestrone and the other hand everyone knows the best minestrone soup recipes and the wretched feeling you get when you are specifically identified at not being first.

What do you think?