Let’s see ():

– eBay buys Skype for 3.1 billion (all assumed it was a collosal mismatch)

– eBay sells 2/3’s of Skype for 1.9 billion (told you it was a bad idea)

– MS buys Skype for 8.5 billion

– That leaves (3.1 – 1.9 + 2.8 (8.5/3)) 1.6 billion net to eBay

It sounds like Meg is a lot better at this than many people (including me) thought.

Of course, the whole question of whether MS can do something useful with Skype or should have paid anywhere near this amount is iffy.

Maybe this means all of these companies with large cash hoards are finally getting out there.  Unfortunately it sounds like everyone is deciding at the same time, hence the price tag for Skype.  Assume there is competition for the company.