I have started using Chrome more and more often.  It sounds like that is with a lot of other people as well.  It is nice having such a clean interface.  Seems like every time IE gets upgraded they odd more noise around the edges.

It is odd though:

– some sites do not support IE, but do support Chrome.  At first I thought this was just a lark, but becoming more common as developers get tired of jumping through hoops to support version x of IE.

– when I first installed Chrome it kept complaining about a MS VC++ dll missing.  Why on earth is Google counting on MS for anything?

– happened to pull up task manager for another reason and saw quite a few instances of chrome running.  from my desktop I only had 1 running (pandora, but so what).  why all these processes running?

– not sure I am hearing about many corporate desktops promoting Chrome as the browser of choice.  or is Google even pushing that way?

– chrome store is a nice idea.  it makes sense when running from your smartphone.  doesn’t feel like the metaphor really works on the desktop.

I always fall back to what do non-tech users use.  Not sure if installing Chrome (even though google.com pesters them every time the page is run) is a common enough occurrence outside of tech arenas.