Got this error running maven as part of .

Lots of references on the internet about Linux users running maven 2 and maven 3 at the same time.  That’s not me.  I am a Windows user only running maven 2.

I had thought maven was setup previously as I use it regularly in Eclipse.  Guess not.

Needed to do:

– MAVEN_HOME environment variable

– M2 environment variable

Then still getting the above error trying to run mvn –version.

On Windows there is a mvn.bat file in the maven/bin directory.  Setting MAVEN_BATCH_ECHO=on then running the version command showed that the classworlds jar file was still not found  – even though the above directory settings are correct.

So, forced setting CLASSWORLDS_JAR=”path to classworlds jar” in the mvn.bat file and everything is working correctly now.

My guess is I never really completed the install of maven, but was using the Eclipse plugin maven to actually run.