I have a long term client that wants to rework their web site.  We tried a designer I had worked with, but they weren’t happy with the result.  Probably too much part-time and indirect contact to convey their needs to the designer.

So, they hired a designer on their own.  After selection I talked with the guy to make sure it wouldn’t just be a PSD as the output: he agreed.  Once the design was agreed upon he didn’t just give me the PSD, he gave me a bunch of PNG files that he cut from the PSD.  How nice.

Now we are going into week two of the process trying to get HTML and CSS out of him.  I don’t think he has ever done this before.  He is good at coming up with nice pictures with the right color schemes and fonts and the like, probably an art background.  He is just lost coming up with the parts of the design you need to actually develop a web site – HTML, CSS and Javascript for any widgets/special effects in the design (there are a few).

Maybe I am expecting too much?  Every other designer I have worked with has produced the initial HTML… layouts.  Maybe I have  just been lucky?