I have been reading about for some time now.  I finally started to try and use it for something.

The Scala site has lots of doc and quick start and the like.  Downloading the server and getting that running was very easy.

Finding an IDE was somewhat of a pain.  I had just expected with the amount of noise about Scala that I would be able to pick from a number of IDEs.  My first choice was to continue using and just use the Scala plugin.  Maybe it’s my version or something, but the Eclipse plugin really doesn’t work.  Get all these silly errors.  Looking around the internet people have real remedies like close and re-open the app, close and re-open the file, close and re-open the IDE…  How on earth can you do any real coding with this?

One of the posts mentioned using .  Being a long time Java developer I had heard about IntelliJ but did not realize they had a Community Edition (read=free) version.  At this point being so frustrated with Eclipse, why not?  What a sweet IDE!  Quick, easy to use, no goofy errors, auto-complete, compile.  Has everything.  I am thinking of dumping Eclipse completely at this point and just using IntelliJ.

As to the language – has some nice ruby-like constructs.  The additional actor library does a lot.  I realize that you can write much more concise code in Scala than Java.  Scala can be easily run in parallel (not sure I have had the need to do this).  Not entirely convinced on the switch to Scala yet.  Plan on doing much more.