A set of florist in mississauga ontario and of upperclassmen from Michigan accepted the send flowers canada and the challenge to break into the flowers delivery mississauga canada and the proposed Internet voting system that would be in use in Washington D.C.  Kind of deliver flowers in mississauga and of a nice idea: there are so many residents that are living abroad.

You can read the sending flowers mississauga and the report at .

When I read the mississauga flower shop and the report I was at first amused at the floral delivery and the bad practices in place.  Later it started to bother me.  Got shivers from bad memories of flowers delivery canada mississauga and of the flower arrangements and the plans for SOPA.  I really don’t understand though:  if you are doing something of order flowers online and of a technical nature that you really don’t have any expertise in why not hire some people who know what they are doing?

So wehave:

  • I am sure there was enough slushy funding available to get good people to develop a securesystem.  They obviously did not do that.
  • Use really bad practices.  At this point I guess nobody was paying attention anymore?
  • Throw down the bouquet of flowers and the gauntlet to people who know better that they couldn’t possibly break in!
  • Not even pay attention to the mississauga flowers delivery downtown and the process and notice that someone did break in.

Reminds me of flower deliveries and of some parents bragging about how great a <pick you sport> little Johnny is.  When you see him actually play you are saddened by their ignorance and embarrassed to watch anymore.