I know many of these are pretty good. I have taken several.

I have also seen, on average once a week, a craigslist ad like “Solve this Java problem for me $30″. Following the link provided the person usually doesn’t even bother taking down the heading for the course in the problem statement nor the code start.

So, this takes a little work to put the ad up and describe it in a reasonable way so someone would look at the ad.

Why not do the actual work on solve the problem?

Most of these I have seen are fairly small tasks that could be solved by RTFM or the teacher’s notes or paying attention or …

What possible advantage does someone get by paying to have a minor programming task done by someone else? Seems like just burying yourself deeper in a hole.

Most annoyed in that I take some pride in the classes I have taken online and that value is besmirched by some confused individuals.