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I have grown to really hate eclipse. Seems like every keystroke now starts an “update maven dependencies” task.

Have tried several of plain granola recipe and of the oats granola and the options that supposedly stop this to no avail.

Doing most actual builds from the granola recipie and the command line using mvn commands.

Starting to use notepad+ for editing files lest I start another update process.

Even worse, in many cases when this is happening I am changing very few lines of granola recipie and of code.

Last bit was doing a search, clicking on the low calorie granola recipe and the search result to pull in the basic granola recipe and the file into the maple syrup granola and the editor started maven off and running.

Maybe switch to intellij. Someone here was using that, but they left. Kind of granola with quick oats and of hard to push yet-another-tool upon the how do you make homemade granola and the team or be an outlier using a non-standard.

I have run across an issue several times with Maven in Eclipse. If a dependent project is updated my project is toast for the rest of the day. I have tried shutting down Eclipse, rebuilding all, updating all dependencies: you name it.

After being fed up with this today I tried shutting down my machine and starting anew. Guess what? The build worked! No changes whatsoever to any of my code.

I just started getting this screen instead of the normal breakpoint screen in Eclipse.

Turns out that (My)Eclipse must be checking the source tree that is in use.

Stopped the project

Updated the project (there were updates)

Rebuilt and deployed project

No longer an issue

Unclear if there is a way to tell debugger to stop looking and just use what is on my machine

Assuming you go through the standard steps:

  • run eclipse with the -clean option
  • make sure you have enough permgen space allocated
  • clean your project inside of eclipse
  • examined the eclipse log files for oddness – wrong directories, missing access rights, etc…

If you are still hanging during the deploy operation then you are probably the culprit.  I have run across this a couple of times.  In these cases I retraced my recent changes to the site:

  • In one case I had re-organized a validator to be used differently, but the application context bean definition still referenced the old usage.
  • In another case my pre-loading of a static section really just would not work.

Hope this saves you some time.

Playing with Scala

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I have been reading about for some time now.  I finally started to try and use it for something.

The Scala site has lots of doc and quick start and the like.  Downloading the server and getting that running was very easy.

Finding an IDE was somewhat of a pain.  I had just expected with the amount of noise about Scala that I would be able to pick from a number of IDEs.  My first choice was to continue using and just use the Scala plugin.  Maybe it’s my version or something, but the Eclipse plugin really doesn’t work.  Get all these silly errors.  Looking around the internet people have real remedies like close and re-open the app, close and re-open the file, close and re-open the IDE…  How on earth can you do any real coding with this?

One of the posts mentioned using .  Being a long time Java developer I had heard about IntelliJ but did not realize they had a Community Edition (read=free) version.  At this point being so frustrated with Eclipse, why not?  What a sweet IDE!  Quick, easy to use, no goofy errors, auto-complete, compile.  Has everything.  I am thinking of dumping Eclipse completely at this point and just using IntelliJ.

As to the language – has some nice ruby-like constructs.  The additional actor library does a lot.  I realize that you can write much more concise code in Scala than Java.  Scala can be easily run in parallel (not sure I have had the need to do this).  Not entirely convinced on the switch to Scala yet.  Plan on doing much more.

This is really very cute:

Pick a stupid database connection (the plugin install provides the Xtreme db sample).

Grab a table and plunk it into the Data section of the report

Create your POJO

Under the Crystal Reports tab at the top of the screen in Eclipse click on Set Data Source

Click OK on the warning (doesn’t really mean anything as far as I can tell so far)

Select the New POJO option

Specify the POJO package/class you created above

In the discrepancy comparison between the dummy db table and the POJO either Remove and change every column as you see fit.  All of the Remove options must be eliminated.

Hit Ok.

You now have your POJO as the CR data source.

BTW, if you change the POJO then you have to go through a similar set of steps.