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I run a and am on the simple healthy dressing recipe and the mailing list for quite a few contractor type roles. I am guessing close to half of salads using quinoa and of the healthy salad dressings to make and the listings look like the super healthy salad dressing and the above ‘requirements’.

I have even called a few agents asking if there really aren’t more requirements for the salad dressing low calorie and the position. They have acted confused, as if they had no idea what I was talking about.

As opposed to the healthy dressing for salad and the more typical job description with:
– contract or full time?
– contract length, w2 or not, …
– what industry?
– what kind of how do you make quinoa salad and of company?
– tools and methodologies in use
– list of salad recipes quinoa and of mandatory skills
– list of easy quinoa recipes salad and of optional skills
– list of quinoa cold salad and of would be nice “if you have developed an xyzzy before”

I can tell these jobs are not being filled as the quinos salad and the same job offering comes through on feed after feed, week after week.

Who can afford to have these agents working that don’t produce? Maybe they don’t get paid unless they do produce. Then who is paying their bills?

Someone on craigslist made this excellent post:

Date: xxx
Reply to: xxx

Designers do.
Photographers do.
Graphic Artists do.

Web developers create software. Something that does something. Think Verbs.
Most successful developers work on projects that are not open to the public.
Even with the public facing sites we work on, the look and feel is not typically done by us. It’s done by a designer.

If you’re not getting good replies to to your ads here, try taking out the ridiculous insistence that developers send you a portfolio of their work.
Ask instead for a resume, CV, or description of their work.

  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  • Compensation: no pay

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Ah, the joys of looking for a new contract.  This was one of a stream of emails from an agency as to each little keyword thatwas in the job description.  Another was “Spring MVC” which I was told was some special version of Spring and I obviously don’t have experience doing that so my resume will not be forwarded to the manager.

It makes you kind of wonder what kind of people go for the agent job.  I bet they believe in that old saying about a good salesperson being able to sell anything.  Who cares if you don’t have a clue about what this ‘person’ does or has been doing for a living?  Your job is to cross off every word in the job description against the same wording appearing in the resume.  You don’t need no stinkin knowledge.  (Apologies to that old Bogart film)

This was at a pretty good agency as well.  Pretty good in the people had a clue, at least a few years ago.  I guess times change.  People do anything for a job.

Of course, I am curious how well the agent’s resume matched up to the agency job description.  But I don’t think I really want to know.

Talked with a big shop in town.  Met with a founder and a vp.  Got along great.

Job was mid-level, so had to talk to sw director and an architect.

Director went over a standard question list for all developers.  Great.

Architect interjected random questions.  Most of them did not have an answer, were trick questions, or otherwise pretty off tangent.

And the coup-de-grace: Gee, I graduated about the same time you did.  We must be the same age.

Gee, if I known you guys were jerks I would have taken my tape recorder.