I think in most cases you can try bugging the client for a while.  Then usually have to resort to hiring a collection agency.  That’s been my course of action twice now.  (Kind of interesting that given the economic conditions it has only happened twice)

A colleague of mine had a different idea.  She is a designer.  As such she produces logos, buttons, visuals, etc…  Since she was not paid she is revoking the client license to her art work.  Art work comes under copyright law.  If the client attempts to use any of her work in their product she can invoke copyright infringement!  Pretty cool stuff.

Then I was thinking it has always been murky as to what programmers produce.  I know the term intellectual property is thrown into the mix, but I think the same case could be made for actual code produced by a programmer as their artwork with copyright protection.  Isn’t that what many of the code theft cases come down to?

I wonder if I can enforce copyright infringement on code produced, but not paid for?  Due to wonderful things like source control it would be pretty easy to determine exactly what statements of code I entered into a system and whether they were still intact in the product.

Any lawyers out there interested in making headlines?