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I thought I would pass this along:

I have several stacks of large PDF printouts at hand. Severalare complete books that are freely available over the internet, as long as you print just 1 for you. Using various size clips is ok, but not really conducive to following along online.

OfficeMax (and probably all the office supply places) will wirebound these documents for you at $4.95 each. It just takes a few minutes. Great deal!

You now have a programming manual that will lie flat on your desk.

I had tried going even further and have them print it as well, but anything with a copyright is verboten.

is a program which uses static analysis to look for bugs in Java code.

It is offered as an Eclipse plugin. So, just like any other plugin:

  • right click on the item(s) you want to check,
  • click on “FindBugs” and
  • off you go.

Some of the issues that have come up for me:

  • use of static SimpleDateFormat – it’s not thread safe – who knew?
  • new coding did not have a setter for a dao – hopefully testing would have shown the error
  • compares on different object types – the code looked correct, but oh oh…

I love things that just work

Just saw thatJava 8 fixes the date problem –


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VerbalExpressions is a library available on for Java,C++,PHP…

It allows you to build an expression using a VerbalExpressions object.  The example from this site is below (showing Java but very similar in other languages).

VerbalExpression testRegex = new VerbalExpression ()
                                 .anythingBut(" ")

// Create an example URL
String url = "";

// Use VerbalExpression's testExact() method to test if the entire string matches
// the regex
testRegex.testExact(url); //True

testRegex.toString(); // Ouputs the regex used:
                      // ^(http)(s)?(\:\/\/)(www\.)?([^\ ]*)$

VerbalExpression testRegex = new VerbalExpression ()

String testString = "defzzz";

//Use VerbalExpression's test() method to test if parts if the string match the regex
testRegex.test(testString); //true
testRegex.testExact(testString); //false

How many programming tools have you tried using that really didn’t quite do what they were supposed to do?  Well, you are in luck!  BlazeMeter works!

You can sign up for a 7 day free trial at .  Just upload you JMX file and you can be running in minutes.  We had a particular problem where the test script was running on a developer machine and was hampered by whatever happened on that machine: memory swaps, priority alerts coming up, developer doing something useful – while the test was running.

With blazemeter your script is distributed amongst a set of cloud servers with ultimate bandwidth and memory and you see none of the issues.  In our case we ran across a consistent 30% failure rate dropping down to 1%.

The only trick is that you have NO interaction with jmeter.  Everything your script needs has to be in the local directory with the JMX file.  In our case we had a CSV file for user ids.  A small change to the script to not specify the path of the CSV file worked easily.

More interesting was providing the jks file and the password to access.  Using the user interface you would normally just specify the jks file using the menu option.  There is no jmeter UI when your script runs.  All that info has to be provided using a file (in the local directory), like:

The site/tool does provide a really interesting graphical display of the characteristics of your test.  You can dynamically change the axes displayed using buttons on screen.

I have to tell you: when I first ran my script I really couldn’t believe it worked so easily.  Such a treat to do the expected steps (above) and the thing just works.

If you decide to go forward and pay for use it’s very affordable.  Again, just the ease of use makeslife so much easier.

In depth view of tumblr .  Short overview:

– 15 BILLION page views a month

– 500 MILLION page views per day

– Some parts of architecture running at 40 THOUSAND requests per SECOND.

Humbling.   Of course the author sounds as calm as can be.

Working witha client where the designer they hired produced a nice looking design.  However, even though promising to just use standard fonts there are a couple of very conspicuous parts of the design that use non-standard fonts.  Sound familiar?

Google to the rescue! (I don’t know how they control what people spend time/money developing)  I saw a reference to in a post the other day.  What’s that?

Google Web Fonts provides high-quality web fonts that you can include in your pages using the Google Web Fonts API.

Just like everything else you can use google for, (especially CDN access to includes and the like) you can make reference to some non-standard font in the Google font set and then use it pretty much like any other font in CSS (have to quote the font name versus plain text(=standard font)).  Again, with their simple example:



<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=””>


body {

font-family: ‘Tangerine’, serif;

font-size: 48px;





<div>Making the Web Beautiful!</div>



So, next time you are graced with a design present you can just smile.

Simple: point and click

is usedto develop apps for the symptoms of low vitamin d and the iPad on the iPad!  The integration of what causes low vitamin d and of touch with the vitimin d overdose and the editor is astounding.  If only Eclipse did something even close to this for us mere mortals…

how to take vitamin d3 supplement

how to take vitamin d3 supplement

Oh, I forgot, one more thing: price is $7.99.

Neato company has a patent pending process for re-compressing JPEG files. Looks like 75% or better reduction in size for average JPEGS with no loss. Hopefully companies like will sign up.

, like other JUnit mock testers, allows you to set expectations for method calls on the turmeric milk benefits and the mocked object.  However, the health benefits of turmeric with milk and the expect() method wants to see a return type from the golden milk turmeric benefits and the method call.  So, what to do?

A built-in mechanism of turmeric cold and of EasyMocks is to just “call” the turmeric milk benefits and the void method in question.  For example a commonly mocked object is the health benefits of turmeric and milk and the :

    session.setAttribute(eq(name), isA(InSession.class));
    //whatever you are really trying to test

Could onlybe easier if the fresh turmeric tea and the doc told you this clearly.