Dan Toomey




Java, PHP, XML/XSL/DTD, HTML, ASP, Python, Scala, Visual Basic, SQL, JavaScript, Visual C++/C


Java (Spring, MVC, JBoss Rules, Hibernate, JDBC, TomCat, JMS), jQuery, ODBC (ADO, RDO), OO4O


Oracle, SQL Server, MySql, Access, Sybase

Tool Sets

Java SDKs (Eclipse, NetBeans, JBuilder), BroadVision, Visual InterDev, Rational Rose (RUP,UML), and Polytron suite

Test Tools

WinRunner, LoadRunner, Segue



Operating Systems

Windows (various), Linux




MIT, Cambridge, MA                                                         Consultant                            January, 2011 to present

·         Full-time contract developing student information systems replacing Oracle Forms with web/handheld applications.  Applications include online registration (in use by all students) , advisor assignment (in use by faculty at MIT), instructor assignment, online grading and add drop.

·         Technologies include jQuery, Spring MVC, OC4J, Hibernate and Oracle.


Private Company, Waltham, MA                                    Consultant                            September, 2010 to December, 2010

·         Full-time contract developing additional functionality for human resources application.

·         Technologies include WebLogic, J2EE, Oracle, and Eclipse.


General Dynamics, Needham, MA                                  Consultant                            January, 2008 to September, 2010

·         Full-time contract developing unclassified project for managing encryption.

·         Technologies involved JBoss, Spring, IceFaces, Hibernate, Oracle 11 with Eclipse as IDE.

·         Senior developer on staff working on multiple aspects of applications, from database layer up through GUI.


Direxxis Marketing, Wellesley, MA                  Consultant                            October, 2006 to January, 2008

·         Full-time contract for marketing firm dealing with large scale customized marketing solutions (email, brochures, etc…) using Java, Hibernate, SQL Server, Open Office.

·         Developed XML generator for customizing collateral using Java, Hibernate,  OpenOffice, MS Word and PDF.

·         Developed salesforce.com integrated tool using salesforce.com API/toolset in Java.

·         Use JBoss Rules to handle workflow for printing, email.  Review use of Quartz for scheduling.

·         Developed timed integration features to generate feeds for print and email vendors.

·         Developed complete new back end using web services architecture for supporting prospect data mining.

·         Rework prospect mining system for new client with similar prospecting needs.

·         Developed SAML (standard for single-sign on) interface for use with various clients.


Private Company, Cohasset, MA                                    Architect                                May, 2004 to October, 2006

*         Full-time startup focusing on developing multi-tier state police software applications working in mobile (cruisers), distributed dispatch(stations) and centralized reporting (headquarters) .

*         Developed Swing clients, servlets on Tomcat, Faces applications; some using Hibernate; prototype conversion of applications to EJB 3; also using AJAX/DWR in a few places.

*         Large scale database integration with multiple data sources, data migration and replication using SQL Server.

*         Company folded on change to Mass State Police budgeting practice.


bbi Marketing, Rockland, MA                                          Consultant                            July, 2005 to December, 2005

*         Part-time ASP/SQL implementation of marketing collateral management system for local financial concerns.

*         Ground up implementation of zooschool.net, online college student interaction site (Facebook lookalike).

*         Initial devlopment of halloffame.com – site for info on all halls of fame.


Various Part-Time Projects                                                Consultant

*         Rewrite of idea generating application (Idealyst) for scale, performance, and bug fixing from PHP/MySql to ASP/SQL.

*         Sole developer rewrite of medical job site (mdjobfind.com) using in-house recruiting and new medical job sites (for example, painworking.com) using subscription job postings using PHP/Smarty templates and MySql.

*         Part-time developer finishing off first release of on-line survey response capture tool (chatthreads.com) using PHP with custom template system.

*         Part-time developed PHP in Symfony site (grapemojo.com) for particular market segment (wine connoisseurs).

*         Part-time developed SMS service (cell phone text messaging) using Java for particular untapped market segment.

*         Completing implementation of LAMP CRM data warehouse system (maintained all subscriber demographics) for large Boston magazine publisher.

*         Developed higher-level API for tracking FEDEX package deliveries

*         Added PHP image upload functionality

*         Debugged ASP image upload code

*         Developed higher-level API for accessing eBay.com data and storage (using MySql).

*         Ported ASP/Access site to PHP/MySql

*         Cleaned up (PHP) interfaces to email, database (MySql).

*         Developed import of monster.com data feed.

*         Developed applet for remote monitor device for healthcare patients.with data store and real-time feed for remote evaluation of patient condition (cardiophonics.com).


Protegent Inc.                                                                       Architect/CTO                      November, 2001 to January, 2005

*         Startup web product targeted to solving brokerage compliance issues.

*         Developed use of Microsoft platform (SQL Server, ASP)

*         Developed 3rd party grid for UI displays

*         Developed OLAP for scale of UI

*         Converted ASP application to .NET

*         Primary technical point of contact for pre-sales (RFP, sales meetings, etc…)


Advanced Marketing Services, Norwell, MA                 Architect                                August 2001 to November 2001

*         Web package that can be tailored to individual MLS realtor configurations.

*         Developed conversion from MySQL to SQL 7 to avoid concurrency issues and scale.

*         Developed off-line version of software re-written in VB for low-end users.

*         Developed use of off-the-shelf components for session management.

*         Developed using SQL Server scheduling vs. Linux scheduling for standard operational task handling.


Private Company, Malden, MA                                       Architect                                June 2001 to July 2001

*         Rewrite of Java servlet running on Linux against MySql database to ASP project running on Windows 2000 against SQL Server 7 database.


Advanced Marketing Services, Norwell, MA                 Architect                                January 2001 to May 2001

*         Site is a web package that can be tailored to individual MLS realtor configurations.

*         Developed use of cookies for user configuration data.

*         Developed J2EE session objects for detection of  duplicate logins, allow for stopping hung logins.

*         Developed Java Servlet vs. Perl script load-balancing algorithms: allow for server timeouts.  Build in system monitor and watchdog capabilities.

*         Developed conversion of PHP sub-application to Java Servlet system with partially replicated database to avoid maintenance issues.

*         Developed splitting web, application and database servers into separate logical machines to allow for better management and performance features (using built-in Apache/JServ functionality).

*         Developed standardized approach to adding additional clients to customer base --- costing, pricing of customization efforts, layout, physical demands, etc…

*         Developed standard database performance improvements, e.g. add primary keys to all tables.

*         Developed standard database maintenance tasks (re-index, archive, etc…) and schedule.

*         Developed move to higher scale, more supported database: SQL Server.

*         Developed reworking the Apache URL renaming to allow for multiple IP hosts behind firewall vs. one public URL.

*         Ported system to run against SQL Server 7 versus MySql.  Required changes to data types, defaults, identity fields, punctuation of strings, etc…

*         Provided views to SQL Server database to be backward compatible to non-SQL Server existing systems.

*         Developed recommendation for partial replication from SQL Server to client systems.

*         Develop distributed client that subscribes to portions of database for download using InstallShield and VQ Server.

*         Add security aspects to software systems, such as password encryption, alternate FTP challenge database and code obfuscation.


Viveca Software, Boston, MA                                          Architect                                August 2000 to January 2001

*         Server-side Java/XML/Sybase over Linux for catalog aggregation process.

*         Wrote XML parser/generators into/from Sybase/Oracle, perform change detection, normalization of data to conform to market/industry standards. 

*         Responsible for establishing relationships with major B2B vendors: CommerceOne, Ariba.

*         Developed use of Oracle 8i as data store without conversions at each step of processing to scale the application. 


eventZero, Arlington, MA                                                  Architect                                March 2000 to August 2000

*         Full-time contract technical architect on full web-site development using ASP, VB, SQL Server.


Concentra Managed Care, Waltham, MA                     Architect                                January 2000 to March 2000

*         Larger scale intranet web site (thousands of ASP, hundreds of VB classes, hundreds of Oracle procedures).

*         Stabilize existing software set.

*         Design longer-term rollout of new features and tool sets with emphasis on approach and scale issues.


eventZero, Arlington, MA                                                  Architect                                May 1999 to December 1999

*         Mentor to web development practices, including electronic commerce.

*         Provided analysis of technology suites (JavaScript, BroadVision, and Oracle) for client implementations.  Special interest in electronic commerce, publishing and targeted advertising aspects of BroadVision.

*         Integration of Microsoft/ASP site with BroadVision JavaScript pages on Solaris.


Ziff-Davis, Inc., Cambridge, MA                                     Lead                                       March 1998 to May 1999

*         Complete rewrite of high usage web site using ASP, VB Components, MTS and SQL Server.

*         Developed short-term, one-time subscription service.

*         Architected/implemented conversion of site to multiple subscription based environment.

*         Developed front-end system for students to join/subscribe onto system.

*         Developed intermediary electronic commerce subsystem to allow students to pay for subscriptions using credit cards, PO and fax/mail in checks.

*         Developed back-end-marketing system to capture and track success rate of advertising campaigns that draw new students.

*         Developed method for session-less ASP usage allowing dynamic load balancing across web farm.

*         Developed method for customization of site for special client use.

*         Developed inter-student messaging component, notification, inbox viewing.

*         Developed portable bulleting board system in order to replace 3rd party component.

*         Developed poll component, with backend and front-end interfaces.

*         Developed anniversary date billing system.

*         Developed ActiveX wizard component to create new marketing promotions.

*         Developed mechanism for maintaining synchronization of users between ZDU databases and central publishing.

*         Developed Java applet banner ads (data capture and scrolling customizable text).


XCom Technologies, Inc., Cambridge, MA                   Lead                                       January 1998 to March 1998

*         Developing Operator Services System, controls all interaction with telephone user and replays actions back to telephone switching system.

*         Developed PC-based end point for use with high-end phone switching system (T1 trunk connection over SS7) as a multi-threaded NT service.  All software written to run under Solaris as well using Rogue s/w toolset.

*         All MSVC++, multi-threaded on NT, Interfaces to T1/ISDN using Dialogic (telephony) cards.


ISI Systems, Andover, MA                                                Architect                                September 1997 to January 1998

*         Focus on various insurance applications integration.

*         Developed 3-tier architecture given web browser as front end, NT/IIS/ASP/CORBA as middle and legacy applications at back end

*         Developed system analysis and design using Rational Rose/UML (Unified Modeling Language)

*         Technologies included IIS, NT Server, CORBA, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, Active Server Pages, SQL Server, DCE security, and Neuron Data rules engine.

*         Prototypes developed using several re-engineering concepts: screen scraping (MITEM), integration (IONA CORBA), and new application interface to legacy apps.  All of the code written was in Java.


Program Manager/Technical Director/Architect

SSDS, Braintree, MA                                                                                                          September 1996 to September 1997

*         Developed requirements and design for next generation of product, esp. concepts of operations and software requirements specification using IEEE 830 (Software Requirements Specification) template.

*         Primary technical point of contact for maintaining client relationship

*         Hands-on implementation in Windows NT/95 using MSVC++, MFC, VB4/5,SQL 6.5,OOD (OMT predecessor to UML/RUP).

*         Wrote and implemented software development practice plans and procedures.

*         Responsible for $2 million sales target, 10 person team.

*         Software involved real-time communication with embedded system in 28 countries at 5,000+ sites.


Development Manager/Software Architect

Lotus Development Corporation, Cambridge, MA                                                      April 1989 to September 1996

*         Developed large-scale Notes (email, workgroup sharing and database replication) service offering architecture.

*         Developed enhancements to electronic forms package to run under Windows 95/NT using MSVC++, OLE.

*         Developed feature enhancements for several version of 1-2-3 under Windows using MSVC/C++.

*         Started and managed a development group, first company use of shared code amongst systems. 8 person team.

*         Managed development of OEM versions of 1-2-3.

*         Worked with HP to introduce New Wave version of 1-2-3.

*         Lead contributor to spreadsheet for Tandy Deskmate platform.


Principal Software Engineer

Fortune 500 Computer Companies, MA                                                                        May 1979 to April 1989

*         Designed and implemented end-user forms package, mail system addition to office application system and a word processing system




Babson College                    1986                       Wellesley, MA                      MBA, emphasis in Finance and Management

Bentley College                    1979                       Waltham, MA                      BS Accounting


Web Sites Developed/Managed/Owned:

*         oxyscripts.com – php resource

*         cashcontent.com – affiliate rewards

*         atflash.com – flash page counters

*         getinsured.be – insurance leads

*         selectvoipservice.com – voip affiliate and bulletin board

*         roadwarriorjobs.us – travelling consultant job board