Company Services


Dan Toomey Software offers the following services to clients:
  • Web Development
  • Application Development
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Consulting
  • Development Tools
  • Load Testing

    Web Development

    Web development is a far more complicated concept than just a web site programming. This term also implies system architecture development, web design and interactive graphical user interface development, remote and multi-user access tools development, and other business application integration tasks. Today our customers want a complete solution for business - a solution that not only eases your work, but also the solution as an independent source of income and generate prospects for the whole company. Click here for more information about Web Development.

    Application Development

    Our solutions are based upon in-depth knowledge of operating systems, databases, data transmission, storage and presentation algorithms, technologies of an optimal knowledge base creation, and building the best indexes and keys for it. Each solution from Dan Toomey Software will be integrated with the hardware and software at your enterprise. Click here for more information about Application Development.

    E-Commerce Development

    One of the main directions Dan Toomey Software entered the outsourcing development market is e-commerce software development. In this field, our specialists possess unique skills and a wide experience in the realization of a project of any difficulty. Click here for more information about E-Commerce Development.

    Search Engine Optimization

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists are glad to offer you their SEO services. Our main priority is to achieve stable high position in organic search engine results and maintain the website's reputation both for users and for the search systems. We customize our approach based on our experience and knowledge of search engines. Click here for more information about Search Engine Optimization.


    Dan Toomey Software provides consulting services whenever you need a piece of technical advice, recommendation or assistance in solving of your problem. Click here for more information about Consulting.

    Load Testing

    We provide load testing of your web application using cloud resources. This eliminates contention for responsiveness that will be present on any developer or server machine that is currently in use.

    Development Tools

    We employ a team of technically skilled and creative software engineers. Our specialists have passed through a long set of problem areas, coping with various tasks and solving a great number of non-standard issues. As a result, we have accumulated a rich collection of unique solutions that are related to functions, class libraries and software development tools. Our goal is thus to leverage our expertise and knowledge to the maximum in order to deliver top class solutions to your business needs. Click here for more information about Development Tools.
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