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Application Development

Our team of developers will provide you with software for all of your needs. Dan Toomey Software offers you:
  • Corporate solutions to optimize data exchange between employees
  • Solutions to optimize and ease communication between you and your customers
  • Solutions for technology, production, and business payments
  • Office applications for ease and optimization of corporate paper trails. Also, at your request, these applications can be integrated with your customers' applications.
  • Custom business applications to manage financial data of the enterprise as well as the working hours of your employees. Corporate management systems, collaboration tools - all of these can address your needs.
  • Integration. If you already have several reliable applications, which automate various segments of your business, our specialists can offer you services in the integration of necessary applications into a single Corporate Information System. It is a cost-effective alternative to a new expensive system. Integration into a single system, which is tuned to your enterprise software, provides complete functionality at essentially lower costs and with reduced time.
  • Specific software. Our team of experienced specialists is ready to find a unique solution, which will satisfy all your needs.
Our solutions are based upon in-depth knowledge of operating systems, databases, data transmission, storing and presentation algorithms, technologies of an optimal knowledge base creation, and building the best indexes and keys for it. Each solution can be integrated with the existing hardware and software at your enterprise.

Our advantage in the field of application development is based on the feasibility of our solutions. Our objective is not only to develop reliable software, but also to develop software which will significantly improve your bottom line!

To bring your ideas to life, we use a wide range of technologies.

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