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Dan Toomey Software employs a team of technically skilled and creative software engineers. Each of them has years of experience in the field of web applications development, applied solutions, and distributed system programming. Our specialists have passed through a long series of projects, coping with various tasks and solving a great number of non-standard problems. As a result, we have accumulated a rich collection of unique solutions that are related to functions, class libraries and software development tools. Our goal is thus to leverage our expertise and knowledge to the maximum in order to deliver top class solutions to your business needs.

Libraries and SDK

You need to integrate new applications with an existing system. You want to enhance or recover the functionality of the solution of an earlier version. We can address any of your needs with a necessary set of functions and class libraries. You thus don't need to order a new solution to be created from scratch. Our specialists will create on-demand functionality for you.

Integrated Development Environments (IDE)

If you use rare or independently developed programming languages, for which there are no either existing, or compatible, or fully functional development environments, Dan Toomey Software can help you in finding a tradeoff. We offer you all the necessary tools so you can easily integrate into your environment thus facilitating your programming work. The usage of optimal and convenient development tools means a reduced work load for your employees, improved process quality and enhanced functionality of the software being developed.

Integrated development environment includes the following possible tools:
  • Text editor
  • Interpreter
  • Compiler
  • Assembling automation tools
  • Debugger
  • Version management system
  • Class browser
  • Objects inspector
  • Class hierarchy diagram builder
  • Tools for ease of graphic interface construction, etc.
At your request, we can customize the above tools so that they suit your objectives. For example, we can either add or remove some components, or develop modules for carrying out specific tasks (for example, modules for calculation of complicated mathematical formulas or for graphic representation of work statistics).

Search of Errors and "Weak Spots" in Program

If you already have code in use and/or development tools, but you are not satisfied with the speed, quality or stability of your applications, we can offer you profiling and debugging tools and expertise in determining the problem areas. The tools are designed to assist you in quick and qualitative elimination of all errors and "weak spots" in your program. You can order debugging tools as a stand-alone solution or as a part of our improved development environment. We want our experience in development of quality software solutions become your experience!

Development Tools

In order to provide the best quality of interaction between the environment, library and your software solution or language, we individually select programming technologies and languages for every project.

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